hanging out on a thousand-foot tower


Apologies to my long-time readers (the ones who followed me here after nearly five years of blogging at Xanga).  I know that you’ve seen this video as well as some of the photos and poems that I have been posting lately. 

That stated, to the newer readers … This is a little video that theother23 made for me in February when he snagged borrowed my digicam.  Please ignore the Mr. Retardo voice that he uses in the first half of the video.  I don’t know what the hell is up with that.

Also, fyi … a “heart attack” is whenever the life support system of a climber shifts (due to wind or whatever) and the person drops a few inches.  Suddenly and unexpectedly.

Theother23 lives for that.

(edited to add: A few shots of my husband climbing towers, from when we worked together about five years back, are HERE.)


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