happy trumps misery

It has been miserably hot the last few days.  For anyone that doesn’t know, I’m all about the winter.  I am not talking oh-look-at-the-beautiful-snow.  I like subzero temperatures, walking on frozen lakes, harsh conditions, fierce blizzards.

So, trying not to whine, I sat down to tap out some things that made me pause and smile.  No more had I completed the following list… and clouds rolled in, a cool and steady breeze came through the open windows, it began to thunder, and finally it rained. 

The house is comfortable again. 

  • peony buds brought in last night that are full-on larger-than-my-hand blooms today
  • THIS PHOTO of my lovely friend
  • we will soon bring out the grill, which means that when I say that I’m cooking, it actually means that I’m prepping and someone else is grilling
  • i haven’t done anything in my garden this year; it’s still beautiful and abundant
  • heirloom tomatoes go in the ground later this week
  • no plans for memorial weekend except road trips and picnics
  • sauteed greens with white beans and garlic (i used kale and a bit more vegetable  broth) 

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