north, south, east, west

It was really windy here today. 

It has been extremely gusty in Wisconsin for more than a week, but not to this degree.  Visibility was down to four blocks in some areas of Sauk City and Prairie du Sac.  Just going to the grocery store left us covered in grit.  I think that I ingested quite a bit as well.  These shots are badly-taken, yet can see a bit of the dust.  For instance, the eagle on the water tower (west) should be visibly dark brown.  The camera and I can usually make out detail  much further than depicted in these photos, which are, respectively, looking north, south, east, and west. 

There is only a breeze now and the dust is gone… if I don’t count my hair, eyes, or throat.


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  • I am well rested now, thanks. I will be posting an update soon. School is *almost* over and I am interviewing for various teaching jobs.

  • I can see it. Is it dust or pollen?

  • I can see the dust..what do you live in a beautiful street. So nice with the trees so peaceful. Somethimes we have in Holland a storm that brings some desert sand. Than the next moment when the wind is falling down all the cars are full of desert sand. I love the idea that is from so far away..but when it is in my hair en mouth I think that I will be not so enthusiastic anymore. Good luck!

  • That IS dusty! We often have wind since we are close to the Bay but usually the air is pretty clear.
    Pretty neighborhood.

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