polka on the riverway



I posted three videos.  My favorite song is probably “You Are My Baby Doll“, and if you watch the video (HERE), note the foot stomp on the right at 2:09.  Oh, and DO NOT MISS the couple in the background wearing beige shorts.  I love that.  I don’t think that I could run that fast to get out of a burning building.

Also, HERE is a video of the first band that we saw and HERE is a so-called “highlight video”.  Or, you can see them all HERE.


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  • I love this photo´s ! They giving me another side of your place where you live. I love to see the normal things of normal live in another country..thanks. I love to see the houses and shops ..they are so different than in Holland.

    • Merel, I live in one of two villages that grew enough to smoosh into one another. One village was founded by German and Austrian Free Thinkers, which is where we get a lot of our polka, and the other village was started by the French but established and built by English Yankees. I live in the German village, Sauk City, and my German relatives live there too. Most of my Scandinavian relatives live in Prairie du Sac, the other village.

      I have a photo project (still working on it) called “the other side”, which focuses on (mostly architectural aspects of) our two little villages. You can see it here: http://jodianderson.com/photos/?cat=73

  • Looks like a lot of good oldfashioned fun. I guess no one under the age of 60 apparently knows how to polka. The couple in the beige shorts were doing some pretty fancy footwork. Beige shorts make me crings just a teeny bit tho. LOL!


  • Ann

    Thanks for posting! I had a last minute household emergency and could not attend. I’m glad they’re doing this annually – one of these years, the dance floor will be packed!

    • Ann, I have to admit that the dance floor was REALLY PACKED at times… at the times when my video recorder was recharging. It figures. :)

      I’m really glad that they are doing them annually as well.

  • Polka!!
    This reminds me of going to Polish Fest in Milwaukee and having the Polka Police meet us at the entrance to dance with us. :)

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