at the watering hole video


I think that it is safe to say that Kin is right-pawed.

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  • Have you figured out what the association is with the water and the paw waving?

  • gail

    Yeah, I wondered the same as Cindy.

    • Cindy and Gail, here is my perspective:

      I’ve had several cats that would go through the actions of covering their food when they’re done eating. Kin seems to be covering/uncovering the water dish. Rob found her at a remote communications tower site when she was very young, and she had been abandoned at a nearby farm. When he talked to the farmer, he said that some lady had dropped her off and that none of the other cats would let her eat. Plus, she was under two months old. She was very tenacious and sought out the men working at the tower, and they began to feed her. Rob brought her home to Wisconsin from Indiana. Her growth seems to have been somewhat stunted by poor nutrition. So, all this is to say that we think she feels the need to cover her water for later because she was deprived as a kitten.

  • So sweet and funny! What’s she doing that for?…

  • That is really cute and funny. What’s almost as funny (and not nearly as cute) is the fact that I sat here watching the video over and over, LOL!


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