it started out innocently enough

vintage glass and crystal

As I move through the house painting, I am doing my spring cleaning at the same time.

Yesterday, I was taking some of my glassware down to hand wash when I got the idea to put all of my vintage crystal and clear-glass pieces together on the table. Some items, like custard cups, I didn’t bother taking out because they are holding Q-tips and make-up pads and kosher salt. And yarn and crochet hooks. And eyeliner shavings. And holiday lights that I thought would look cool on top of the fridge. (They don’t.)

This is about half of my collection. I am especially trying to identify a few pieces like the gold-rimmed shot glass (?) that belonged to my great-grandmum Anderson. What? When? Where?!

There is also a set of glass salad bowls and a matching serving dish… I have never seen anything else quite like it.

Off I am to sort this all out so that I can move onto tea sets and the Pyrex collections and lots of delicate China.


gold-rimmed shot glass

[I am logging my family heirlooms and thrifted finds. All items will be considered vintage by the 20-year standard.  You can find all of the entries under the category ‘something old‘.]

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