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While it has been a cool spring and the young plants just aren’t coming up quite as quickly as some years, I feel like I am leap years ahead of where I’m usually at right now, all due to a lot of hard work.

Late last month, we put in a new bed for the asparagus and rhubarb. We moved the rhubarb from an old bed by the house that will become a back entryway through the laundry room. We cleaned up the old beds and I planted (usually several varieties of) peas, rhubarb, turnips, Swiss chard, lettuce, and onions. This weekend, we added two more 8′ x 4′ raised beds as well as a clever, vertically-stacked herb garden that my man built Sunday morning. I can’t wait to see that baby weathered and full of tasty plants.

In the yard on Saturday and Sunday, we:

  • built and installed three new raised beds, bringing our total to nine.
  • moved around four yards of top soil.
  • filled eight gardens with seeds and transplants.
  • turned a pallet into a pea trellis.
  • discovered that our asparagus is growing. Nine stalks so far!
  • divided and transplanted hostas.
  • transplanted ferns.
  • started to install new edging around the house beds. (Someone isn’t crazy about my mossy rocks!)
  • made a plan to tear down our old compost bins and build a set-up on the south side of the property.
  • inhaled the scent of apple blossoms and lilacs.
  • walked around the yard repeatedly to admire our work.
  • envisioned the space(s) in a week, day, month, year.
  • enjoyed the space(s) as is.


beds seven + eight

from a pallet into a pea trellis

pea trellis

vertically-stacked raised bed

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