i can smell rain

unfurling hosta

It is Wednesday morning and I can smell the rain that will roll in later today. I am sitting at the desk in my studio and staring out a west window.

My poor, poor apple tree is in blossom. It has more dead branches than living, and it saves its energy all year long for this three-day slow-motion firework display. The lilacs will burst within the week. The chives will quickly follow. The hostas and ferns are unfurling, faster than I can divide and transplant them. The heirloom tomato and pepper transplants are sure to arrive by post today. I get them from Seed Savers and they are grown at a farm that is about a fifteen-minute drive from here. There is so much to do outside. I wish that I had half the energy of the bolting plants.

Spring has been exactly what it should be… unpredictable, cold, hot, beautiful, snowy, productive, uncooperative, windy, wet, green, and too fast.

asparagus and rhubarb bed

doubling the garden space

garlic and peas and lettuce and radishes

lettuce and radishes and turnips

8 comments to i can smell the rain

  • the raised beds look amazing! SOMEDAY i WILL have a garden…until then, i’ll just have to live vicariously through you :-0

  • jodi

    Thank you, Molly. He has built one new one so far this year, but still has several to go. :)

  • Oh my- your photos….. they are just beautiful beyond words. I just stumbled over here from Orangette. So glad I did. Stunning stuff. Has made my morning.

  • Isn’t it exciting to watch all the new growth in the spring?


  • Spring was here, and now it is replaced with summer warmth already. Amazing grace, a summer once again! Love the photos, I can smell the wet earth!

  • LOVE that shot of unfurling hostas!
    It took me a while, but I finally followed you on over here. Nice place! :)

  • […] last month, we put in a new bed for the asparagus and rhubarb. We moved the rhubarb from an old bed by the house that will become a back entryway through the […]

  • Kate Williams

    Very nice photos—especially the one with your dog. I did the same last spring; built a garden bed and had such high hopes! Unfortunately, I moved to Texas recently and didn’t realize springtime doesn’t last very long, as a result I wasn’t able to grow much of anything. Those beds are actually bigger than the one I built—very nice. It gets too hot too quickly in Texas to grow anything worthwhile in the springtime. I had to learn this the hard way.:-(

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