buried treasure

silly little clippings

This morning, my husband brought me in a bunch of boxes that, according to the newspaper the contents had been wrapped in, had not been seen by my eyes since August of 2002. (THE SAME MONTH THAT I STARTED BLOGGING!!!) There was so much treasure, like Auntie’s Mel-Mac dishes and Uncle Herb’s Kentucky Scotch Whiskey decanter and 100-year-old bubble glass frame of Auntie, Aunt Moody, and their parents, great-Grandma and Grandpa Grauvogl.

I am so over the moon.

I’ll be sprucing things up and sharing more soon. Some of it I plan to sell on Etsy as I’m totally not invested in the Depression glass or a lot of the other stuff that I have accumulated. The little vases in the photo? I doubt that they are worth a thing, probably soda fountain glasses, but I’m so glad to have those girls back to hold my silly clippings.

[I am logging my family heirlooms and thrifted finds. All items will be considered vintage by the 20-year standard.  You can find all of the entries under the category ‘something old‘.]


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