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strawberry-rhubarb mixture

I am so glad that I am remembering to make more things with rhubarb this year. I haven’t baked any of my old standbys, like rhubarb crisp, but we did try strawberry-rhubarb coffee cake this weekend and it did not disappoint.

Last month, I started to collect online recipes in one place for my own reference. So often, I’m trying to think of what to make and I wish that I could see all of my favorites in one space, on a single page. I have started to work on that, adding a few here and there, but I’ve a long way to go. When the page is a bit more substantial, there will be a link in the sidebar. It is public now, in case anyone wants to follow along with my (slow) progress. Most of the links take you to other sites, although some are hosted here.

strawberry-rhubarb coffee cake

Progress, in general, has been very good, but I’m not so-very-good at documenting it.

For instance, the robins were babies and then they were five days old and now they are flying around the yard with mum and poppy. The squabs are so big and beautiful that I can no longer distinguish them from their parents. The feeders, even when empty of seed, are full of young and demanding sparrows. Some of my favorites, the grackles, dutifully comb the yard with their young all day. They have an especially obnoxious teen that chased its mum and bit her tail when she didn’t produce supper fast enough.

Also, the radishes were seedlings and then they were growing and then they were pickled for my husband. Fortunately, there are a lot more radishes to come throughout the next few months. More pickles for my man and maybe a photo of them for me. (There are similar stories with other vegetables that have grown and vanished and have been reseeded.)

Our various plans are progressing (and often growing) as well.

The idea for a back door became a backdoor with a little porch and then a little porch with a cat tree and then a porch that leads to an arbor. We were trying so hard envision how we could make the backdoor lead into an arbor more easily. First, I decided that the structure must be white. That was a no-brainer. After that, I spotted this amazing cat porch on a blog that I follow. That gave me ideas. Then it gave Rob ideas. Now, he is using my graph paper to make super-duper sketches of his plans for a cat-friendly, leading-into-the-arbor, backdoor porch.

Since we are doing all of the work ourselves, it’ll be done in stages and won’t be very photogenic yet this year. Still, I look so very forward to charting that progress along with all of the other things that are going on around here.

(Shade trees? Fruit trees? DIY snake enclosure? Master closet redo? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.)


strawberry-rhubarb coffee cake


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  • Rhubarb! I want rhubarb. I’ll settle for your recipe page tho. What a clever idea. You know sooner or later I’m going to click every one of those links.


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