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Sometimes, I think that it is no wonder that I garden and cook and marvel at life. I mean, this was our childhood. I think that I am forever trying to capture it, recreate it in some way.

In these photos, I am nine and my sister, Jessica Sunshine, is three.

P.S. Locals often told us that this property, the land in particular, had been owned by Al Capone. The area has secrets, that is for sure. As a child, they were always just beyond my reach. Now, they are forever gone. Most of the 200 acres is now developed and filled with new houses.

[I am logging my family heirlooms and thrifted finds. All items will be considered vintage by the 20-year standard.  You can find all of the entries under the category ‘something old‘.]

12 comments to growing up on coon bluff road

  • That is one sweet shot of you and your sister, Jessica Sunshine. Great photos, Jodi. Is that an Impala in the background?

  • Such great pictures. They take me right back to my own Midwest summers in the 70’s. (I’m always trying to capture and recreate my childhood, too:)

    • jodi

      I get so caught up in looking at old photos, Shokoofeh. I have to be careful not to get too sentimental, or I think about just the past and not the future.

  • It is so much fun looking at old photo’s, I enjoyed seeing yours. You look like a very loving Big Sister in these.


  • Kristy Y

    Wow! I love these. Are you the older one? I really can see Paige in the last picture!

    • jodi

      Hi, Kristy! Yes, I am the older one. I keep noticing that my sister’s hood looks like it is on painfully tight, while her jacket isn’t buttoned. Hrm. :)

  • That is weird. We have a story pertaining to Racine, WI involving gangsters. I guess that it isn’t THAT weird since they were in that area. Apparently John Dillinger hid out in a house near one of our familial homes. He robbed a bank in Racine. Let me just be clear here, I don’t think they were OUR familial homes at the time he was hiding out, but maybe. My father would have been three at the time.

    • jodi

      It has always been my understanding that there are quite a few locales in Wisconsin that were frequented by Chicago gangsters. The property that I grew up on is a ten-minute drive to Wisconsin Dells, so I can see where/why that might have been appealing back in the day. And, well, Racine isn’t too far of a drive from Chicago and it has the waterfront, so that makes sense too. It’s interesting to have that association. I love history so much.

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