time-lapse lilac pruning


During the third week of June, we trimmed our decades-overgrown lilac bushes. I don’t have good footage of the final hack job look, but needless to say, I’m curious to see how it grows out next spring. I do have faith that they will look good, just perhaps with a few less blossoms for the first year or two. They were in dire need of a fierce haircut. My man did the main chainsaw stuff and high pruning, and then I went in and shaped them (post video).

I’m off for the weekend to Pitchfork with X, her to see Animal Collective and me to see Battles.

4 comments to time-lapse lilac pruning

  • I love lilacs, there were lots of them in old family gardens when I was growing up. Unfortunately they don’t do well here. I think they need cold winters. Hopefully you’ll have lots of them to share (via pics) next spring.

    Have fun at the music festival.


    • jodi

      I wonder if any of those other varieties of lilacs would do well where you are? I can’t recall the names, like dwarf and Japanese?? They do smell like nothing else.

      Right now, my sweet peas are blooming and it is glorious.

  • i love NOTHING MORE than a lovely lilac bush in the summer! mmm, reminds me of my childhood. found you thru my friend nate at kinfolk, and so glad i did.

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