pocket to table

steamy tomatoes

I really love planning meals around whatever is ripe in the garden, like ALL VARIETIES OF MY TOMATOES right now.

The Mexican Midgets have been prolific for two or three weeks, so they’ve been getting the earliest workout. (I like shirts and dresses with big pockets so that I can load them up with produce. In this case, it was a little steamy outside and the lens was immediately covered in condensation.)

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has some really kicking recipes. I made a basil, cherry tomato, cheddar omelet the other day and it was magnificent. Last night, I tried the cherry tomato sauce with pasta. Absolutely divine, especially with that nice dash of balsamic vinegar.

And to think that I once felt that cherry tomatoes were only good for salads. Pshaw. I’ve come a long way since the 80s.

Thank goodness.

cherry tomato sauce with pasta

4 comments to pocket to table

  • Wow – I should make this for dinner tonight, but I’ll have to buy tomatoes from a farm stand. My cherry tomatoes are still green. I pinched off a bunch of leaves last night hoping that it will help ripen-up the fruit. We’ll see. You can’t go wrong with Jamie Oliver. Have you tried his baked onion recipe? To die for.

    • jodi

      I have not tried that recipe, but it sounds delicious. Plus, I have loads of onions in the garden. I presently have three of his books on loan from the library, so I’ll look for it. Thank you for the tip, Jodi.

  • That all looks delicious. I so love cherry tomatoes and we don’t have any in our garden this year. My mom only planted one cherry tomato plant and it isn’t growing very well. Hopefully it produces something by the end of the year. I would be so happy!

  • Tomato plants are in our garden, tomatoes are not. Oh there are a few little green globes but I have little faith that they are going to turn red any time soon. Your pasta looks fantastic tho.


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