wisconsin state cow chip throw + festival

Pedal Pull Tractor Competition

This year, I helped to take photos for the Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw. My contributions, as well as photos of the throw and the run, can most easily be found HERE in the sets on Flickr. We had a lot of fun and we saw a lot more than usual. The Puck burger was delicious. The little girl that spilled soda on my lens bag was very cute. I split a funnel cake with my husband. At the craft fair, I purchased more pottery — a greenish African violet pot. We missed the parade, but saw a bit of every band, including Elvis, I mean… Tony Rocker. The pedal pull tractor competition was awesome.

My feet are tired.

 Silas or Alice Glass

straight jacket

pork chop on a stick

Legends Tribute Band

pedal pull tractor trophies

quilt pillow

wisconsin cow chip food court

silas in the rain

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