and after gathering

At this very moment, I don’t want to forget the cacophony of bird song pouring in through the open window of my studio and how the sky is the lightest shade of pure gray. I want to remember that a simple and small dose of gathered people can heal and brighten the darkest of ills. I want to share the peace that I feel in my heart. I sort of want to dance. I long to go to the woods today and I think that I will walk there.

I really wish, though, that I could share this impromptu mid-morning bird song.

One thing that I will be sharing more of is the everyday creative stuff that is going on all about me because I am participating in AEDM. I shall probably be like the birds, with impromptu updates this month about this ongoing and important part of my life.

crochet + kin


after gathering

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  • That top photo makes me feel so peaceful. I hope you felt that way, too.

  • Gail

    I love, Love, LOVE the scissors!

  • I would love to participate in AEDM….But time is getting away from me these days. I’m spending more and more time helping a certain 8th grader with homework, trying to do my own job which is getting more demanding these days and juggling all kinds of other stuff. The reality is that I want to enjoy the birds, sit and crochet quietly and be more creative. Perhaps I’ll live vicariously through your blog and enjoy all the creativity you bring forth!

  • I think it is great that you joined AEDM and am looking forward to watching your progress. I too thought about joining but I’m also thinking of cutting back my computer time and commiting to something new is not going to do that. I’ll be no doubt be creating and posting throughout the month tho.


  • That sounds wonderful, Jodi. The peace, the birds, all of it. These pictures are quite wonderful, too. Such a lovely space you have.

  • jodi

    Sorry not to get individual replies to everyone! I was away from my computer all day, but will try to get back with the program now. :)

    Thank you for your sweet comments, each of you.

  • Paulita

    I love that white flower pot in the last picture!

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