something old, besides my bones


I have been cleaning my studio, although that’s not exactly accurate. I am sorting through boxes and piles and stacks and bags and drawers. Most all of it has been stashed here mindlessly, although there is certainly a lot of optimistic and creative intent involved as well.

The word “studio”, to me, brings to mind an open and organized space, a big room. This is not big. However, organization is possible and this space has never really been what I know that it can be… productive.

In a past life, I sold vintage children’s books on the internet. I enjoyed it quite a lot. I closed that business about eight years ago. Naturally, I couldn’t part with the majority of the leftover stock because I mostly sold what I love, what drew a strong sense of nostalgia from within me. Others, I fell in love with because of unique illustrations and dynamic design. I hope to document more of my treasures soon as well as this room as a whole.

For now, it’s back putting things on their shelves, but maybe playing with them a bit before I do.


My grandma gave me this little print at some point. I don’t know where she got it, but on the back it says, “To Arnold, June 1938, from Mrs. Vogel.” While homeless in my studio, the glass was broken. That made me sad, but I now like it this way and I don’t really plan to replace it.

[I am logging my family heirlooms and thrifted finds. All items will be considered vintage by the 20-year standard.  You can find all of the entries under the category ‘something old‘.]


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  • What a sweet little picture. I don’t have many family heirlooms so I always appreciate something that has a story. You must have some seriously awesome stuff in your stash!

    • jodi

      To be honest, I do have some seriously awesome stuff, yes. Heh. I have so many books, especially if there’s any sort of nostalgia related to my childhood, like Holly Hobbie and Raggedy Ann and Beatrix Potter. There are so many oddities in here. I love uncovering them as I sort.

      I am really lucky in terms of family heirlooms too, like (what I call) the Conley throne, a chair that dates back at least 100 years to my great-grandmother. It’s what I sit in to crochet or watch telly. I also have a lot of photos and some kitchen items from both sides of the family.

      Aw, I’m getting all nostalgic again! :)

  • I think I like the broken glass too — it really gives it a sense of time. I think poking around in old treasures is so much fun, certainly not a chore when you stumble upon a treasure. I can only wish for a studio……

    • jodi

      I love what you’ve said, Jodi… that it gives it a sense of time. I like that sentiment.

      I wish for you a studio. I have been fortunate that for the last 20 years, there has always been a spare room that I can call my own. Yes, sometimes I wish that I had a guest bedroom, but … not anytime soon. :) As children grow, sometimes more physical space can be carved out for oneself. xo

  • My mother collected children’s books for a while, too.
    To keep something broken shows it is a real treasure.

    • jodi

      Karen, sometimes I think that a fractured items is more of a treasure since it seems vulnerable, fragile.

      How cool about your mom. I’d love to hear more someday.

  • Until I just read this, I had forgotten that you collected children’s books. I have recently inherited one. I have yet to do any research on it.

    • jodi

      Hi, Cindy.

      I don’t know if this will help, but my favorite site for researching old books has always been

      It is really helpful for narrowing down the exact edition that you have, etc. When you do a search, some of the prices may be a bit exaggerated. It is generally suspected that some companies list the item with really high prices so that, maybe, they can make their price with another retailer more appealing. Don’t put in too much information at first, like don’t fill in all the boxes. Then, if you end up with too many search results, you can start narrowing it down with more information if necessary.

      And, lastly, I always suggest going a follow-up search on eBay to see what the book has recently sold for there.

      How cool about the book! If it’s interesting, I hope that you’ll share via photos. :)

  • I too love children’s books, and have quite a few since I was a child, but trying not to buy new ones because they have pretty pictures… Books are heavy when you move. :-)

    Take care!

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