vintage pyrex custard cups

tiny pyrex custard cup

I have a lot of Pyrex at my house. I probably started collecting it 20 years ago, before I even knew its history. (I’ve been a thrifter, picker, and vintage collector for all of my life; My mom turned me onto it in the 70s, long before it was a popular thing to do.)

In the 1990s, I began picking up clear FireKing, GlasBake, and Pyrex custard cups. I was drawn to them for some inexplicable reason. I continued to buy clear pieces from all three companies, in all sizes and for many capacities, as well as white, colored, and patterned items. I recently made the decision to hone down this collection. I’m keeping everything that is clear or plain white, all of my favorite mixing bowls, and items in the Spring Blossom Green or Crazy Daisy design because I have a lot of items in those patterns. Additionally, there are a few rarer selections that I’ve tucked away for now.

Everything else is going. I have a friend who has a hefty Pyrex collection already and I’m hoping that her husband won’t notice if I leave a few boxes at her house.

[I am logging my family heirlooms and thrifted finds. All items will be considered vintage by the 20-year standard.  You can find all of the entries under the category ‘something old‘.]

pyrex rolled edge tall custard cups

pyrex custard cup trio

pyrex custard cup organization

5 comments to vintage pyrex custard cups

  • Jac

    i LOVE tiny little cups like these. they are great when you have kiddos – they become helpful little mise en place things for baking with them, tiny perfect sized snack and baby food bowls, good painting pots for the kiddo… :-) hm. i need some.

  • I have SO many clear pyrex custard cups, but i use them like crazy! snacks for the kids, ice cream dishes, pre-measured herbs when i’m cooking, etc. my favorite vintage custard cups are fire king ivoryware, and i get them for a dime each at an estate sale. my absolute favorite pyrex piece is from a vintage chip and dip set. it’s a bright sky blue bowl with white hot air balloons all over it.

  • I would have a hard time parting with any of my Pyrex — like “just try to pry it out of my clutches.” You must be made of strong stuff than me. At least you know it’s going to a good home.

  • I have a few of these, all clear glass and from various companies. I hang onto them although I admit I don’t use them much. Your photo’s give me some ideas.


  • I love pyrex. It’s fantastic.

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