experiments in crocheted ric rac

multicolor crocheted ric rac

Quite some time back I discovered a ric rac pattern on Ravelry and, last week, I decided to try it out on some varied fibers. I started with leftover pastels (DK yarn, F hook) from the rainbow granny stitch afghan and, simultaneously, I began another roll from a cheap 3-ply (C hook) that I bought solely because of its color when I saw it on vacation last summer. (Of note: The pattern was created by Kate Ulman and can be found on her blog.)

Since it would be difficult to trim the ric rac for edging purposes, it’s best off to know what size you need ahead of time. I hadn’t really planned to use it as a notion, opting instead to maybe hang them like banners or garlands, so I am crocheting very long rolls of it.

The multicolor pastel is 16+yards and the baby blue is 76 inches.

baby blue crocheted ric rac

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