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twiggy hangout

Spring has been buzzing in at a dizzying pace. Suddenly, almost everything is coming up or coming out. I made peace with summer last year, but I really didn’t think that it would attack the last few weeks of winter. Basically, it has been hot all over so I won’t lay out the record-breaking way that things are specifically here, except this:

In recorded history, Wisconsin has never had an April without frost. Heck, the average low temperature is below 32 degrees this time of year. That said, the apple trees are budding. If it freezes, it’s going to significantly impact this year’s apple harvest and, even more sadly, the apple farmers.

The green and quickly-becoming-lush yard makes it tempting to get an early start on planting, but I am holding myself back and remembering my priorities, like spring cleaning and garden planning and seed starting and yard tidying. We did a lot of the latter on Friday, when my husband was off of work. Things that were safe to move, like ferns and ugly bushes, did a little switch-a-roo to make a twiggy hangout by the bird feeders on the north side. Some trellises have been pulled and will be relocated to allow for crop rotation.

Some of my spring activities include starting these two groups on Flickr…

  • Crafting in Community — I got a bee in my bonnet to start a community crafting photo group on Flickr. Indeed, I am an introvert by nature. Yet, in a classroom environment or with the company of a good friend, I feel something blossoming while learning and teaching and just working together.
  • Craft Wisconsin — After that, I felt I had another row to hoe, so I looked for some kind of Flickr group about crafting in Wisconsin. If it’s there, I didn’t find it. I’m not sure about how to find people to invite to these groups, so I guess that I’ll start by inviting the few that I know and hope that others discover (and are interested in!) these groups.


march 25

6 comments to linkage :: week 12

  • Your garden looks so lovely and ready to go! I like the online crafting community idea–local yet online. Even we introverts need community!

  • Wow, that is your garden already!? We had 2 warm days here and now it is finally going to be spring, with 2 days of growth poking up through the soil. I think they are tulips. It’s hard to tell — this is our first spring here and the growth is only an inch high.

  • Your garden is certainly looking “springish”. About this time of year DH gets really itchy to get planting but it is too early even in our temperate climate. Hope lots of folks find your crafting community.


  • Lea

    It’s hard to resist planting. I have focused on cleaning the yard in a way I have not done for years. And I am worried that we will be hit with a frost as well. EVERYTHING is budding. And it’s March. Sigh. I hope it’s all ok.

  • Ann

    All the warm weather is making me nervous. Our lilac bushes are starting to blossom, and that is waaayyyy too early.

    Still, tulips are pretty.

    I love the rhubarb plants in your photo. They’re cute when they’re little.

  • Our spring has been as wet and cold as ever so I can hardly relate. Ugh.

    But look at those perfectly prepped garden beds! Fantastic!

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