ten years

ice age trail

Ten years ago today, I officially began to blog.

I had putzed around with Geocities-type sites before that, keeping a journal and sharing photos online, but that first blog really forged a new direction in my life. I can’t even begin to describe the scope of this exercise in sharing. I tried. I opted to keep it simple.

I love this gig, both here and guest blogging. I appreciate all of the folks who have been part of this grand ride.

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  • Wow, 10 years IS a long time. So glad you share your. BEautiful world. Thank you!

  • That photograph is all kinds of wonderful. It makes me want to walk right through my screen and commune with nature alongside you.
    Congratulations on TEN YEARS! Wow!

  • KJ

    If this weren’t the commemorative post for the 10th anniversary of your blogging, I wouldn’t bother you at all, but as it were– I do feel a happy obligation to thank you for sharing tidbits of your life, and doing it so well. I’ve followed you for years on Xanga (as Fairyskisses77), and I just migrated over to Blogger right on with you after a long break. Something about your photos, your crafts, and your small notes about life really give me comfort and peace.

  • What a great photo to represent blogging – it really is a road leading you to somewhere (hopefully) beautiful. At least that is what I´ve found in my short bloglife.

  • Goodness! Ten years … that is a good long time for blogging… you were one of the pioneers. It was not that easy to start with. I love going into my archives to see the evolution of my style, writing, photos. Many times in the past couple of years I really thought about abandoning my blogging, but I can’t seem to do it :)

  • Time flies, right? I’ve enjoyed your blog ever since I found it. Your photos are so beautiful.

    Keep on blogging!


  • Jodi, it’s so odd to see 10 years having gone by. I don’t remember where I ran into you first. I remember a board outside of Xanga for sharing writing and critiquing. I remember a photography contest, and I remember a few of your blogs.

    It’s been wonderful getting to experience fragments and pieces of yourself through the sharing.



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