mazomanie sand + oak barrens fire

mazomanie sand barrens

Earlier this month, there was a fire at the Mazomanie Oak Barrens, likely due to an extended drought that began in the spring. The damage was relatively minor, burning an area less than seven acres in size. While it’s a stark view, the DNR already performs prescribed burns in this area to preserve the health of the prairie. When we visited yesterday, the grass was beginning to grow back.

The path, which didn’t burn, can be seen in a photo that I took of my daughter a few years ago.


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  • You beautiful photos. I hope you’re taking time to be out there capturing more of autumn!?

    • jodi

      Thank you. I’m trying, Hanna, but it went so fast this year! Due to the extended drought, the leaves turned early and dropped fast. Our peak color season was about three weeks ago, in my opinion. The trees that you see here, oaks, hold tight to their leaves and it will take most of the winter for them to come down to make way for spring leaves.

      That said, I’m supposed to go on a car tour through a decommissioned army ammunition plant this weekend, and I’m hoping to get some nice autumn photos. :)

  • Beautiful scene, just a tiny bit stark – right for this time of year. Hope you were able to get more autumn photo’s over the weekend.


  • Gail

    I’ve been out of touch the past couple of months. You see, I moved, someone else packed the room holding my modem and router. Obviouly I haven’t found them. I’m in Houston at my sister’s, so for the next couple of weeks I have full access. Per usual your photos are lovely.

  • I like both photographs, as they each tell a different story and evoke a different feeling.

    I suppose that in the “olden days” there were wild prairie fires that saw to the health of the prairie…

  • That old picture of your daughter is wonderful.

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