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kin no neko

Right up until the evening of December 31st, I considered letting this space go quiet indefinitely. The struggle for energy is continual and it often leaves me distraught. My house and bits of my life are in a shambles, and that sometimes gives me the feeling that I have nothing worthwhile to document. I find it a struggle to write about the sad realities of my life, but as always I want to be exceedingly honest while remaining optimistic. That isn’t always so easy to put into words. And, well, with my house a wreck, I don’t so much want to put it into pictures either.

All that said, here I am and forward I shall go… taking on the challenge of health issues, new projects, old messes, and all things associated with the preciousness of life.

I don’t make resolutions, but I do really like the freshness of a new year. I think that it is a great time to reevaluate things and initiate change. I have a variety of short- and long-term projects planned and some general life goals. The common themes running through all of these are getting rid of what I don’t need (physically, digitally, mentally), organizing what I do have (again… physically, digitally, mentally) for optimal functionality and enjoyment, and continuing to explore new avenues.

  • I’m doing The January Cure at Apartment Therapy. This will be the four-week version of the eight-week Cure. While I know how to organize, streamline, and pretty things up, I thought that letting go of the control that I usually like to have and just doing what someone else suggests would be a good break as well as a nice way to start off the year. I will to continue to spruce up the house after that, particularly taking advantage of the weather… working on decluttering and organizing through the cold months, painting and gardening and spiffing up the home’s exterior come spring and summer.
  • I have some unfinished objects (the dreaded UFOs) that I would like to complete. FINALLY. This includes 1) crocheting together the circles of Mister Winter, 2) attaching ears to a wolf hat, 3) sewing buttons on a hood, 4) weaving a cat head basket that I just don’t *get*, and 5) embroidering Alicia Paulson’s Daisychain ABCs Crewelwork Sampler.
  • I plan to post more at my Facebook page. In the past, I’ve used it for occasional links and announcing new posts at my blog. I will continue that, but I am going to be more interactive, sharing interesting things that I find and answering any questions. I think that it’s a good way to stay in touch with people, be a bit more personable, because we all know that I’m terrible about responding to comments.
  • Um, respond to comments on a regular basis. *smile*
  • I have once again begun to put up photos at my namesake url and continuing to do so is a goal of mine. Speaking of which, there are a few projects that were sort of left in the lurch, most especially unmasked and the other side. I would like to add to both of these collections and maybe put the latter in book form to sell locally. Of note, the front page of www.jodianderson.com is static, but if you add it to your feed reader, you’ll get regular updates. (Oh, gosh. This is set to forward one to this blog. I’ll try to fix it asap, but I forgot how!) You can also use the cloud tag on the right side of the page to navigate categories. But, *ahem*, this really needs updating as there’s not much to see presently.
  • Being sick is expensive. It isn’t just the medical bills or inability to procure an income. The expense also comes from exhaustion. For instance, whereas I once made everything by scratch and rarely relied on carry-out, over the past few years that has not been realistic… nor cheap. In light of that, one of my projects is feeding myself well despite limited energy and continuing to craft/design despite meager funds.
  • This space is one of my most important projects of the year. I have been blogging for over 10 years, but I have been most inactive during the last 12 months. I would like to update on a more regular basis, perhaps on weekdays as I once did.

Gosh, these sound more like resolutions than I intended. Whatever you call them, I’m up for the challenge of these projects and more.

11 comments to happy new year

  • lynn

    I so appreciate everything and all that you share and always look forward to checking in- Happiest of New Years to you.

  • Jacki

    Just glad to hear your voice in whatever capacity…cheers to a clean slate and fresh shiny new year.

  • Jodi ,I often pop in to see if you have posted. I like your honesty , there are too many blogs that are sugar coated lives- and I have detoxed from that in the passed year. I admire your quiet courage in dealing with the fatigue that seems to creep in out of nowhere- unless you have experienced it yourself it is next to impossible to explain fully to another.Whatever you can give in time to this space i know i will enjoy , but don’t feel that unless it is positive you need remain silent.Sometimes it is nice to know others share your struggles, that you are not all alone.
    many blessings for a healthier New Year!

    • jodi

      Oh, all the pretty blogs! They are so lovely to look at but if one isn’t careful, they can leave us feeling substandard. I have to remind myself that I’m only seeing the lovely bits and not the mess that surely must be there! ;)

  • Gail (wixer)

    Think of them more as goals rather than resolutions. It will be nice to hear more from you.

  • anna

    Glad you’ll continue. AND that you’ll link to FB… it’s where everyone has gone, these days. I link every day to my blog at FB, too.

    And thank you for the link-up to the January cure. I’m going to have to check that out!

  • Do take care of yourself and your family in the new year. I think of you often when the winter is moving in on us. May this winter’s snows inspire you and bring you joy.
    PS – My next journey is to follow that link for the January Cure… sounds interesting and helpful.

  • I’m happy to hear you will keep this blog. I don’t really do much with FB although I will try to watch for you there. Energy is short for me too these days and I am cranky about that. I can’t imagine what it is like for you when it is a chronic issue.

    Looking forward to continuing our friendship in 2013.


    • jodi

      You shouldn’t miss much on Facebook, Darla. I like to post links there, similar to the linkage posts on the blog. And, I think that I will say little hellos there too, once in a while.

  • jodi

    I am so overwhelmed by everyone’s comments. THANK YOU. Your words and thoughts and sweetness move me beyond measure. Happy New Year everyone!!!

  • Jodi, one of the reasons I like your blog so much is that you don’t have any forced agenda. You project an intentional peacefulness no matter what your words or photographs contain.
    I know fatigue and I know pain — not as intimately as you have come to know them, but I still have an inkling of how much effort it does take to put thoughts and words and pictures online. Some days, it is just too much effort to even pick up the camera and capture the beauty right in front of us. And that’s okay! Soak it in, internalize it, and it will come out when the time is right.
    Wishing you a beautiful new year.

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