house finch

I love Mondays and Tuesdays, which is when I do a bird count at my feeding station for Project FeederWatch. I have fed birds all of my life, but it wasn’t until joining a local birding group on Facebook that I tried to lure in specific species, including Baltimore 0rioles in the spring (they love grape jelly and orange halves) and Red-bellied woodpeckers this winter. I tally the birds that come to a specific corner of my yard and record the conditions. I also have a phenology calendar from the Aldo Leopold Foundation, and in that I track seasonal events, such as the start of the Black-capped chickadees’ two-note song or the Blue jays gurgling and head bobbing.


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  • Hello, dear Jodi!
    I, too, have been away from blog land, for almost the same amount of time as you. How interesting. It has been nice seeing you on instragram, and such, though I was not aware of your health issues. I am wishing you well… finding the right doctor is so key, and I am glad that you are seeing some movement lately.

    May you be well, and happy.
    May you be healthy, and free.
    May you live with ease.


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