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spring woods shawl

In late May and early June, I crocheted a bit.

My shawl-turned-scarf turned into a shawl after all. Post blocking, it measures 76” x 10”. I made the Autumn Around cowl for my friend. I also blocked this and both pieces bloomed nicely as they dried.

I have had an urge to make plant hangers. I did a simple 10-knot one (not pictured), but wanted something less simple that wasn’t full-on macrame. I crocheted one, which turned out extremely small, yet also very cute. I crocheted one more (also, not pictured), but haven’t finished off the strings.

autumn around cowl

yarn feeder

the fungi among i

the fungi among i

Oh, little journal, I miss you so.

other places

G Magazine April/May 2012

I keep forgetting to note that Australia’s G Magazine included a photo of my husband’s upcycled garden bench in its April/May issue. The magazine is really lovely, high quality, and delightfully informative. It was an honor to be part of such a nice publication.

Today, I posted an article at the Portal Wisconsin blog. It is a short photo essay about learning to weave antler baskets this last March.

I’m trying to keep better notes about other places that I publish stuff. Thus, this post.

Upcycled Garden Bench in G Magazine

spring woods in progress

spring woods scarf

This weekend, I firmly decided to change the status of my shawl in progress to that of a scarf in progress. I had to be realistic about the fact that I don’t wear sleeveless clothing, and that’s what would have been most appropriate with this design as a shawl. So, I’m hustling to finish my Spring Woods scarf before the season ends.

the bike basket diaries

the bike basket diaries

Okay, I have to admit that I’ve been taking a lot of photos with my phone lately, as evidenced by the fact that my bike basket hasn’t been documented with my camera. These are all Instagram shots.

I started weaving the basket last month, and then I became freaked out by the directions. I put it aside for a long time. Weaving fever just sort of took over and I finished it last weekend. I have no clue what I was doing with the rim; I just made something up as I futzed with the smoked reed spokes. Today, I stained it with a tea bath. Overall, I am happy with the basket.

Next, I am weaving a bag as well as working on my shawl. And, of course, spending plenty of time in the garden.

portal wisconsin

750 Seventh Street

Today, I posted at the Portal Wisconsin blog and shared my complete obsession with a project that I’m involved with at the local historical society.

about altered routes

taking a break


The garden is filling out so nicely. Nearly everything is in the ground, save for potential nursery purchases and the sowing of additional crops for later in the year. It is all coming together quite nicely. I had big plans for other things last year, like putting in a back door and creating a more permanent outdoor room. I don’t know that we’ll get the door in this year, but I shall continue to upgrade our outdoor living spaces.

I’m thinking about throwing a garden party this summer. Maybe I’ll do it to celebrate 10 years of blogging (in August).

Fences aren’t too common in our neighborhood, so we installed a privacy barrier on the alley side of the yard last summer. The space underneath has a nice variety of shade to partly-shady plants, including hostas, ferns, bleeding hearts, butterfly bush (Buddleia davidii), and Russian sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia). I have something else out there too, yet I can’t recall the name right now. I’ll have to check my gardening journal from 2011.

The spot is great for sitting with a book or craft, and it’s also a cool place to take a break from working in the garden beds. Although, above, I’m under the maple next to the stacked herb bed. It was a good place to do a little oregano taming.

I still have to fill my pots with some herbs and self-sowing flowers, the latter coming from the raised beds where they proliferate unless most are moved to other contained spaces.

Of note, but completely unrelated, there’s a new Kilian Martin video. It is totally worth watching.

cell phone tower deaths on frontline

lamium + oregano

Tonight, Frontline is airing the episode for which we contributed some footage. It is about cell phone tower deaths. They contacted us in April after seeing some of our tower climbing footage. After that, we went out and shot a bit more. It should be airing at 10PM on most PBS stations. (There are two short clips of our footage. If you watch the online video, our winter scenes from the tower are shown at the 7:12 and 15:12-minute marks.)

Otherwise, just puttering in the garden.

slanted light

robins following me about

pallet pea trellis

robin by pallet pea trellis

as it darkens


listen + watch at whipup

notes + sketches

As always, special thanks to Kathreen Ricketson at for her support and promotion of fellow crafters and artists. Today, she is running listen + watch, a little piece that I wrote about my own creative process.

more, lately

 rainbow afghan + sweet dreams pillow

This spring is so different from any that I’ve known for the past 20-plus years.

I haven’t been working in the garden at all, save for one day in March, when it was technically winter but felt like summer. I’m glad that I have a good many perennials, be it herbs or flowers or asparagus and rhubarb, to provide sustenance and beauty during this downtime. My tomato plugs arrive late next week. I have ordered many of the varieties from last year, as well as a few new-to-me heirlooms. Otherwise, I haven’t planted a thing and it sort of haunts me. I shall be sure to toss some seeds in the soil while establishing the tomato plants.

I haven’t completed (or started) too many projects around here. I made a beach tote. I like it better for linens.

The shawl is coming along slowly. I’m at over 60 motifs and I’m thinking that I might need 150 or so. I try not to think about that and just focus on one stitch at a time, as I did with the rainbow granny stripe afghan that I finished last spring. I finally took a somewhat proper photo of it, and I also snapped it with a granny stripe pillow that I fashioned this winter.

I hope to be back on track with gardening and basket weaving and crocheting and cooking and other household projects soon. There won’t be a lot of quantity with regards to activity, so I will be, as always, focusing on the quality.

totally square beach tote