nesting material


nesting material


Yesterday, I gathered some nesting materials for the birds and hung it up outside. I used an extra suet box to hold the yarn, wool roving, embroidery floss, cat fur, and dried grass.



Yellow-bellied sapsucker


This juvenile Yellow-bellied sapsucker is out of its range here in my yard this January of 2015. It has been hanging about since late October.

It has been a long time since I’ve published anything here, until now. Look for more updates soon!

spring babies

mourning doves

baby robins


We have two nests within ten feet of one another this year.

The robins are easy to peek in on, although I do try to stay away so that they can grow. The mourning dove nest was originally atop some lumber that Rob had leaning against the garage. As soon as he noticed the nest, he placed it into this green basket and attached it underneath the roof overhang. That mommy stayed there in a very dedicated manner for a few weeks. When I noticed that she wasn’t there today, I climbed up a ladder and whispered ‘hello’ to the sweet babies quietly peering out at me.


baby mourning dove