things that I super-must do

rainbow swiss chard

Sweet diary, I have been a complete bum. Slow and lazy. But, this week is all about getting caught up on chores, or pleasant tasks that I put off until they feel like a chore. I am taking the power back, catching up and falling in love again with my mundane life.

  • Plant kale, a fresh row of radishes, more onions.
  • Fertilize tomatoes and peppers.
  • Tend to houseplants.
  • Make a plant hanger. Or two.
  • Add last of trellises to garden. Make them first.
  • Create a summer banner for my journal.
  • Prune mock-orange dogwood tree.
  • Prowl the perennial close-out sales.
  • Start Wisconsin thrift store database (!!!!).
  • Take inventory for the store.
  • Mint pesto. Potatoes, peas, and mint. Garlic scape pesto. Pickled garlic scapes.
  • Draft next year’s garden, greenhouse, and yard.
  • Purge pantry, fridge, and freezer.
  • Detail July household projects, such as wooden valances and music creation station.