the bike basket diaries

the bike basket diaries

Okay, I have to admit that I’ve been taking a lot of photos with my phone lately, as evidenced by the fact that my bike basket hasn’t been documented with my camera. These are all Instagram shots.

I started weaving the basket last month, and then I became freaked out by the directions. I put it aside for a long time. Weaving fever just sort of took over and I finished it last weekend. I have no clue what I was doing with the rim; I just made something up as I futzed with the smoked reed spokes. Today, I stained it with a tea bath. Overall, I am happy with the basket.

Next, I am weaving a bag as well as working on my shawl. And, of course, spending plenty of time in the garden.

potential for projects


Yesterday, I woke up and looked out the window over the head of our bed, just like every other morning. It made me happy to see all the stuff lined up against the shed. There’s only a fraction of our reclaimed goods in this photo, but it makes me satisfied just the same. My mister told me to come up with some projects for the new materials.

Back to the drawing board!

constants:: crafting for the home

yellow crewel

old bedspread cushions

crochet in progress

(working on: daisychain abcs crewelwork sampler; old bedspread cushions for the garden furniture; cotton dishcloths for a friend)

recycled wood garden bench

recycled wood garden bench

I have been determined to establish a sort of temporary outdoor room, one to enjoy this summer and autumn. Next year, we’ll have something more permanent going on in the realm of back porch/patio entertaining. But, for now, my ideas include blankets, the diy tent, a hacked awning for shade, additional furniture made from leftover wood, and lights hanging in the tree and tent.

Yesterday, my guy made this bench from scrap wood, a broken-down pallet, and strips from a deconstructed wooden cable drum. It is mighty solid and ready to be weathered.

I look so forward to eventually documenting a somewhat complete outdoor room. Of sorts.

 spider web


lazy day birthday tent

lazy day birthday tent

My mister and I decided to make a quick tent for our daughter’s 19th birthday (on June 20).

He picked up the necessary wood stuff this morning, and I pulled out an old full-size sheet, one that has been a drop cloth for painting actually, to use as the canvas material. We had seen a few similar tents online, but each of us implemented our own ideas for our individual parts in the project. The tent folds up flat (to four inches). Rob put a pin in each end of the tent, under the dowel, to secure it, fearing that the dowel would eventually loosen. For my part, I made it no-sew. I cut hem bond into manageable-sized pieces and fused the ends of the sheet around the kick board to secure it. (Photos: one, two, three)

It took less than an hour from start to finish.

birthday tent