mazomanie sand + oak barrens fire

mazomanie sand barrens

Earlier this month, there was a fire at the Mazomanie Oak Barrens, likely due to an extended drought that began in the spring. The damage was relatively minor, burning an area less than seven acres in size. While it’s a stark view, the DNR already performs prescribed burns in this area to preserve the health of the prairie. When we visited yesterday, the grass was beginning to grow back.

The path, which didn’t burn, can be seen in a photo that I took of my daughter a few years ago.


video + tidbits

I came upon this video while organizing my computer this last weekend.  I shot it after X and I had set up THIS SHOT for the project ‘unmasked‘ out at the Mazomanie Sand and Oak Barrens

This is going to be a crazy-busy week.  There is so much to do in general, not to mention the preparations for the upcoming weekend.  (Note to self:  Call dog kennel to reserve boarding!)  I don’t think that I’ll fit in any photo shoots or hikes, but maybe a few pictures and a short walk or two. 

I hope to get back here again this week.  Enjoy your Monday, and Tuesday, and so on…