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Today, I posted at the Portal Wisconsin blog and shared my complete obsession with a project that I’m involved with at the local historical society.

not tomatoes

not tomatoes

polka on the riverway



I posted three videos.  My favorite song is probably “You Are My Baby Doll“, and if you watch the video (HERE), note the foot stomp on the right at 2:09.  Oh, and DO NOT MISS the couple in the background wearing beige shorts.  I love that.  I don’t think that I could run that fast to get out of a burning building.

Also, HERE is a video of the first band that we saw and HERE is a so-called “highlight video”.  Or, you can see them all HERE.


walking with grandpa



I have often mentioned that I am the fourth generation to hike the banks of the Wisconsin River here in the villages of Sauk City and Prairie du Sac, which are smooshed together and often (falsely) called “Sauk-Prairie”.  My daughter is, of course, the fifth generation of Therkelsson-Malone-Andersons to be a child of this river and proudly claims that title. 

To those of us who have nearly a century of lineage here, Sauk-Prairie is an adjective… not a noun.  For instance, this is the Sauk-Prairie area.  These people who have relocated here over past decades, and who are even involved in the future development of the villages, use the noun form of the word and it makes me want to shake them.  (While we share a police department, school district and hospital, each village maintains its own library, utilities, fire department, and government.  By the way, Sauk City has the oldest organized volunteer fire department in the state of Wisconsin.) 

All that aside, back to the river… Long before there were paved trails near the river, I trekked the foot trails with Grandpa Anderson.  Even then, 35 years in my past, the path often fell away as it neared the river banks and new stepping spots were slowly etched to the west, inch by inch.  I have taken this route hundreds of times, and I would like to think that I have some part in keeping the foot trails alive. 

The photos in this post were snapped near August Derleth park in Sauk City.  Many people outside of Wisconsin are not familiar with this talented local author, who passed away in the 1970s, but if you are familiar with H.P. Lovecraft… you can thank Mr. Derleth for that. 

I would like to share a foggy June morning with you as I spend time with my river, myself, and the memory of Grandpa Anderson.  (Since this is a photo-heavy post, you can see the rest of the pictures after the jump from your reader or the main page.) 

Have a merry weekend, friends.

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this moment + weekend already?


x at the wisconsin river


(Playing along again with SouleMama’s this moment Friday series.)

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Happy weekend!

north, south, east, west

It was really windy here today. 

It has been extremely gusty in Wisconsin for more than a week, but not to this degree.  Visibility was down to four blocks in some areas of Sauk City and Prairie du Sac.  Just going to the grocery store left us covered in grit.  I think that I ingested quite a bit as well.  These shots are badly-taken, yet can see a bit of the dust.  For instance, the eagle on the water tower (west) should be visibly dark brown.  The camera and I can usually make out detail  much further than depicted in these photos, which are, respectively, looking north, south, east, and west. 

There is only a breeze now and the dust is gone… if I don’t count my hair, eyes, or throat.


two spring walks

The first two photos are from a walk that we took on the vernal equinox.  The rest are from a walk on the second day of spring.  What a difference a day makes! 

I’m tired and sore and tired and sore and tired and sore.  Plus, my head hurts like my brain is swollen.  (I’m quite sure that it’s not.)  Spring is so hard on my body.  Ah, breathe deep.  Carry on. 

Enjoy your week!



Also?  THIS


when the river calls

I took a walk with my husband this last Sunday morning.  It was wonderfully foggy and these photos really don’t do justice to the magic that is the Wisconsin River Valley. 

Words to describe it completely escape me. 

We walked amongst the sidetrails that I have walked hundreds of times before with Grandpa Anderson, so many years past.  For the zillionth time, I told my husband that this is the river where I was born on a cold, winter night and that there’s still no time between then and now.  I thought about mentioning how I’m quite certain I was once a catfish and that I know what it feels like to skim along the river bed.  I didn’t.  I have told him many times before then and I will tell him many times again.