recently woven

tote of many colors

In June, I wove the tote of many colors, which I like very much. One day while visiting a friend, she pulled out some kits for making toilet paper holders. While we have no intention of ever putting them in the restroom, they are rather cute and I’m going to find another use for them.

I am itching to weave something new. I have a lot of excess materials and I’ll attempt to whip up something with what I already have on hand.

baskets on path

the bike basket diaries

the bike basket diaries

Okay, I have to admit that I’ve been taking a lot of photos with my phone lately, as evidenced by the fact that my bike basket hasn’t been documented with my camera. These are all Instagram shots.

I started weaving the basket last month, and then I became freaked out by the directions. I put it aside for a long time. Weaving fever just sort of took over and I finished it last weekend. I have no clue what I was doing with the rim; I just made something up as I futzed with the smoked reed spokes. Today, I stained it with a tea bath. Overall, I am happy with the basket.

Next, I am weaving a bag as well as working on my shawl. And, of course, spending plenty of time in the garden.

lately, around here

bike basket form

weaving in various stages

garlic in the 'hood

prepping for seeds

seed-prepping manager, kin

for rent

lately, around here



coming soon... weaving antler baskets


mary prepping antler sheds

the basket studio

jen + mary

jen pulling reed